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At Legal Solutions Law Firm, you will have a LAWYER manage your traffic case. We fight traffic tickets and work hard to keep points off your license and keep your insurance rates low. Whether you have been issued a ticket for speeding, stunt driving, no insurance, drive under suspension or any other infraction, you can rest assured Legal Solutions will fully investigate the case and give you the personalized attention you deserve. Our office also assists clients in getting back your suspended drivers license. Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation today.

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Traffic Tickets

We provide sound legal guidance for the following:

  • Dangerous driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Racing
  • Stunt driving
  • Using hand held communication device while driving
  • Failure to surrender proof of insurance
  • Failing to remain at scene of accident
  • Parking ticket and speeding ticket disputes
  • Driving without insurance
  • G1/G2 violations

Traffic Ticket – What You Need To Know

So you have been issued a traffic ticket. Now what? You feel helpless, scared, feel like your life is over, worried about the consequences or claim you are innocent and did nothing wrong. These are all regular feelings at this time.

Sometimes the police will contact you prior to arresting you and claim they just want to talk to you. It would be wise at this point to consult a traffic ticket lawyer prior to speaking to the police. The police often intend to trick you and gather evidence against you. DO NOT SPEAK TO THE POLICE. It will not help you.

The most two common types of tickets are Part 1 Municipal and Part 3 Provincial traffic tickets. The difference is if there is a fine at the bottom of the ticket, that is generally a part 1 ticket. If there is a court date on the tickets, that is generally a part 3 ticket. Part 3 tickets are more serious and have higher penalties including license suspensions and jail.

Let’s start with Part 1 tickets. This can include offenses such as Careless Driving, moving infractions such as running a red light, speeding offenses, etc. Once you receive a ticket, you should contact a lawyer immediately. The ticket must be filed within 15 days and I generally file for a trial date. Part 1 tickets can be very serious. A conviction for Careless Driving will often result in you being kicked off your insurance and pay extremely high rates for many years, possibly lose your license and acquire 6 demerit points.

Part 3 tickets are a little different and often referred to as a summons. They contain a court date on the bottom. Once you receive a summons, you should contact a lawyer immediately. We attend court on behalf of our clients and will often attend many times before the case is withdrawn, resolved or set down for trial.

Whether it’s a Part 1 or Part 3, having a competent lawyer is important. We will request disclosure and get all the evidence the prosecution or crown has against you. They often don’t provide everything so we have a list of over 30 items that we request. If all disclosure is not provided within a reasonable time, we can push to have the charge dropped.

Similar to criminal cases, we talk to the prosecutor or crown and try to negotiate the best deal possible to get the client out of trouble and will present all offers to the client. The client is free to take the deal or we can proceed to trial.

A Trial is similar to what you see on TV. Rules of evidence must be followed, witnesses are often summoned and having a competent lawyer to question and conduct cross examination is essential to convincing a judge of your position and winning your case. A Trial can last a few hours upto a few days. After all the witnesses are questioned, the lawyer’s can give closing submissions which may include case law to get the judge on your side.

The public often asks, what if the officer doesn’t show up? In a recent case in York Region, a person was convicted even without the officer showing up. I think this is likely to be overturned on appeal but officers generally show up over 95% of the time. They are paid to show up and they do. I would not bank on that as a strategy to try to win your case.

Traffic cases have serious consequences. For example, the new stunt driving provisions can lead to you losing your license for 1-3 years, acquiring huge fines and very high insurance once you do get your license back. Convictions for drive under suspension can lead to a jail sentence and a driving suspension. A first time no insurance charge can lead to a fine of $6250 all in. These are only a few examples. Driving is considered a luxury and not a right even though people rely on it for work, travel and to function in our society. The last thing you want is years of increased insurance rates or worse.

Please contact Legal Solutions Law Firm at 416-274-2222 for a free no obligation traffic ticket consultation and we will be happy to further discuss your traffic ticket case and quote for our services to get you out of the situation you are in. We are confident in our ability to do that.

Legal Solutions Law Firm offers flat fee arrangements and payment plans so you don’t have to worry about hourly rates or paying every time you pick up the phone to call us or send us an email.

*The above article is not meant to provide legal advice but more of a summary of the process and our experience with the criminal justice system. All cases are unique and different and results in one case do not guarantee similar results in another.

Traffic Ticket Lawyer – Hire a Professional to Defend You

No matter how well you drive, at some point in your life, you’ll get a traffic ticket for one reason. Traffic ticket lawyers in Toronto could save you money and time. A traffic attorney can save your driver’s license from being put off and prevent your insurance rates from increasing to an all-time high. If you hire a lawyer, they can take the fear and hassle away from any of the citations which you might have obtained.

Which Areas Does a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help You

  • Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets could wreak havoc along with your insurance rates so they must not be taken informally. A lot of people think that they could pay their first speeding ticket without any consequences. While some insurance firms will offer you a pass on that minor speeding ticket, you might find that a big speeding ticket is another story.

  • Stunt Driving/ Racing Charges

The complexities of this charge make an initial consultation crucial. With penalties including a $2,000 to $10,000 fine, up to six months in custody and at least a 1-3 year driving suspension. This isn’t the time for legal representation based on the cheapest bidder.

Stunt driving was included in the Highway Tract Act in 2007. The new law was created to prevent stunts and races from being done on Toronto streets. The consequence of a racing/stunt conviction on one’s insurance might be threefold the rates in which a person pays.

Some of the consequences of stunt/racing include a roadside suspension of seven days upon issuance of the charge. The court can impose a license suspension of at least two years on the initial offence and a suspension of at least ten years for any subsequent convictions. What’s more, fines of approximately $2,000 and a maximum of $10,000. Lastly, you might face imprisonment for at least six months.

  • Careless Driving Charges

Contributing factors of careless driving charges include an error in judgment or road conditions. The good news here is that many careless driving charges could either be lowered to a minor offence or defended. That, in either case, could be lead in massive savings from an insurance point of view. Careless driving could be beaten. However, it’s not a traffic charge that must be taken carelessly. 

  • DUI

Are you being charged for refusing to take a breath sample? A traffic ticket lawyer in Toronto can do anything to help you. A legal opinion on a specific criminal driving charge needs the considered advice of an experienced and professional lawyer. A traffic ticket lawyer can provide free consultations so that you’ll have nothing to lose by simply talking to them.

You see, refusal to present a sample to a police officer is a grave offence. That offence must be taken lightly. When the Toronto court renders a conviction, it will lead in a criminal record. The impact arising from that conviction is massive. Thus, it must be handled by a lawyer to guarantee that your best interests are taken care of correspondingly.

  • Impaired Driving

Each case is unique, but the consequences of a conviction are at all times intense, and the price of employing a proper representation is typically minor if compared to the expenses which you might be experiencing.

Even upright individuals make some mistakes. The majority of people charged along with impaired driving are law-abiding, honest individuals who surprisingly find themselves in strange surroundings, experiencing a very complicated charge.

You must not think that you’re guilty only because you’ve been charged. You must also not feel that you’re morally indebted to plead guilty at the first chance to take accountability of your actions. That is undoubtedly one of the serious decisions which you’ll ever need to make in your lifetime. That makes it very important that you talk to a traffic ticket lawyer before deciding on what to do.

How Can a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Help You?

Your traffic ticket lawyer in Toronto will help your plea bargaining. That involves discussions between the defence parties and the prosecutor. The parties try to come at a consensus. Either the case will be dropped in its entirety, or other pleas will be moved for a lower offence. That translates into fewer demerit points and lower fines.

To sum up, it’s always best to allow experts in Toronto to do their work because they understand the nitty-gritty very well. A traffic ticket lawyer is the best person for an effective plea negotiation.


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