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Charged with Domestic Assault

Domestic Assault or Violence is a grave criminal offense. The meaning of the offense is defined as a behavior used to assert control over a person living in the same household, including spouses, domestic partners, boyfriend, girlfriend, and all family members.

Domestic Assault in Canada is not just physical violence behavior but also can include aggressive behavior such as stalking and harassment.

In this article, we will speak about Domestic Assault to educate you on this offense. In saying that, we strongly recommend if you have been charged with this crime to contact a Criminal Lawyer right away as an Attorney who specializes in this type of crime will have the legal experience to guide you through this challenging time in your life.

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What Happens to Me If Charged with Domestic Assault?

First, it is highly recommended you seek a criminal lawyer if charged with Domestic Assault. It is not uncommon in the downward spiral of a relationship that an individual makes allegations of domestic violence, and the result of this claim is a criminal proceeding.

Your first appearance in court will be with a Justice of the Peace, which is to set a date for your next court appearance. During this time, your lawyer will receive any evidence such as witness statements and any other documents the Crown may use against you. The Crown will also indicate how they would like to proceed against you to your lawyer.

It will be up to your lawyer to review all evidence in your case and using his expertise, he will guide you and give you the best options going forward.

Many criminal lawyers in Toronto give free consultations to people who have been charged with a criminal offense, so do not hesitate to call for one today. My name is Ryan Manilla and I can be reached at 416-320-2020 to book a free consultation.

Punishment for Domestic Violence

The first question a person will have is if found guilty of Domestic Violence what will happen to me now because you are no longer in control of this situation as the court holds your future in their hands. 

In most cases, domestic violence is considered more severe than a regular assault charge. If found guilty of domestic assault, you can be sentenced up to 5 years in prison. 

If this is a first-time offense and considered a minor domestic assault charge, your punishment may not be as severe, with no jail time served. 

An experienced criminal lawyer that specializes in these types of assault charges will be able to vigorously fight them for you. It’s not recommended that you defend yourself in criminal court.

Lawyer Cost for Domestic Assault?

Every lawyer has their rates. Some charge hourly, and some will do a flat rate based on the case. Also, criminal lawyers may allow monthly payments, as well. Toronto Criminal Lawyer Ryan Manilla will work out a payment plan with you in most cases before you agree to move forward with his services and will quote you a flat fee. Ryan, who is the primary owner of Legal Solutions Law Firm, is known to be a fair and honest Lawyer in Toronto that looks out for his client’s best interests. His proven track record and 5-star reviews from his past clients are a testimonial to his success in defending a person from criminal charges in court.

For a free consultation on a domestic assault charge in Ontario or any other criminal charge, contact Ryan Manilla today at 416-320-2020, 24 hours a day. You can also see our reviews by searching Legal Solutions Law Firm online.

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