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The term “property damage” refers to the destruction that is inflicted on someone’s private property from an individual’s negligence. Property damage can also occur from an act of nature such as a tornado, flooding, or hurricane as examples.

In matters of acts of nature property damage, you would need to speak to your insurance company of the property to see if you are covered for acts of nature involving property damage.

But, in cases of personal negligence to your property, you may be in a position to legally sue the said individual for damages to your private property.

Landlords of rental units, whether it be commercial or residential rentals, do find themselves in these positions more often then they would like.

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How Can A Property Damage Lawyer Help Me?

A property damage lawyer can ensure that clients are compensated for damages to their property by the accused individual. In some cases, the accused may also face criminal charges due to their actions.

Speaking to a lawyer that is educated in property damage laws will give you full clarification on your rights and compensation if you feel you are a victim.

Sometimes, proving property damage in court can be a confusing process for a person. This is why it is highly recommended to speak to a lawyer that will be able to prepare your case for court action if required.

At Legal Solutions Law Firm, located in Toronto, we are here to help victims of personal property damage through another’s negligence by suing the other party in court.

Property damage may include harm to:

  • automobiles
  • fence
  • trees
  • home
  • apartment
  • office rental
  • yard
  • personal items
  • jewelry
  • heirlooms

In most cases, the compensation that may be awarded to the victim would be granted by the courts that will take specific considerations into account, such as:

  • replacement value
  • repair costs
  • loss of use
  • sentimental value

Acts of Nature Property Damage

Many people who have sustained property damage due to acts of nature can find themselves battling their insurance company for compensation.

In the majority of these types of situations, the homeowner’s property has been heavily damaged due to:

  • storms
  • winds
  • flooding
  • tornado
  • ice pellets

Property that has been damage may include:

  • automobiles
  • house siding
  • roof
  • trees
  • windows

The homeowner calls their insurance company only to find out they are not covered under acts of nature, or the insurance company will not fairly compensate them for damages sustained.

It is never wise to agree with the insurance company if you feel you are not fairly compensated or possibly did not understand the terms of your insurance policy.

Making a quick call to a lawyer and explaining your unique situation to them will get you the information if you have a legit legal case in possibly fighting for your rights in court vs. the insurance company.

At Legal Solutions Law Firm, we understand property damages and the law that surrounds it. We will listed to your fact situation and give you the best recommendation to proceed with your case.

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