Charged with Fraud

There are many different types of fraud charges.

Some of the most common types of fraud include:

  • Identification
  • Bank Account Fraud
  • Voter
  • Internet
  • Healthcare
  • Mail
  • Financial
  • Services Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Racketeering

Fraud is a criminal charge in Canada and therefore, can mean jail time if found guilty. The sentence will differ depending on the type of fraud committed and the accused past criminal record, if any. A charge of fraud is very similar to a theft charge. Since fraud does not typically involve violence or an act of threat, it is classified as “fraud: and not theft.

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Fraud Over & Under $5000.00

This is a measuring system set up by the courts to determine the level of seriousness of the financial fraud charge. Fraud under $5000.00 in most cases would be a summary conviction, and the sentence may or may not carry imprisonment. Your fraud charge can either be a civil or criminal act. Either charge will still involve a court of law, and it is highly recommended you have a criminal or civil lawyer represent you in court for your trial.

Fraud Under $5000

Fraud under $5000 can be considered a summary offense. This means that the accused may not be required to appear in court and can have a criminal lawyer act as their representative. A fine of under $2000 could be given, with the potential of 6 months of jail time.

Fraud Over $5000

If the amount is over $5000, this is considered an indictable offense and will require court proceedings with a jury/judge or judge alone and a prosecutor. The maximum sentence, in this case, is 14 years. Seeing this is considered more of a serious charge, even a first-time offender can receive jail time.

I've Been Charged with Fraud - What Do I Do?

The first thing you should do is contact a lawyer that has experience in defending people with this charge. Your lawyer will fight vigorously for you. At Legal Solutions Law Firm, we have have the experience you want on your side. We offer free consultations, payment plans, and flat fees with no hidden fees. We will work and fight on your behalf for you to get the best possible chance of having you found innocent or negotiate with the crown on a possible plea deal.

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