Charged with Break and Enter

In Canada, a break & enter charge is considered a severe offense and can lead to imprisonment. Your choice of a criminal defense lawyer can have a massive impact on your future. Not all lawyers are equally experienced with these types of criminal charges, so you want to choose a lawyer or law firm that has a background fighting this type of charge. At Legal Solutions Law Firm, we have the experience you want on your side. We also offer a free consultation, payment plans, and flat fees.

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Explaining Break & Enter

A person arrested for this criminal offense has been accused of breaking into a private residence or business with the intent of committing a crime. In other words, you can be arrested and charged with break & enter even if you have not committed another crime. Two different types of break & enter offense are:

  • Breaking into a private dwelling which can be a house or apartment;
  • Breaking into a non-dwelling place such as a restaurant, warehouse, or store. Any property that is considered a commercial property where you have no right to enter.

Break & Enter Penalties

This criminal charge carries a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment. The severity of your punishment in most cases will be determined by your current criminal record and circumstances. A person with a long history will get a much harsher penalty if found guilty vs. a person who has just committed their first offense. Having an experienced lawyer fight for your rights in this type of situation is crucial for a positive outcome.

Often your lawyer can negotiate and come to an agreement with the crown that may see your sentence be reduced if you plead guilty and not waste the court’s time bringing the matter to trial.

Lawyer for Break & Enter

Yes, you will need a criminal lawyer to represent you in court if you have been arrested for break & enter. It is highly advised not to take the job on yourself. An experienced lawyer knows the law, court procedures, and the best way to handle your charge. The advice your lawyer will give you comes from their experience as a criminal attorney defending others before you. This is their job, and they know it best.

Criminal Lawyer Free Consultation

Legal Solutions Law Firm understands people find themselves in situations that are not ideal. There are many different reasons why people may have committed a crime or have been charged with a crime as you are innocent until proven guilty. Legal Solutions Law Firm will not judge you or your situation. The Law Firm is here to defend you to the best of their ability, and you can be assured they have your best interests at heart.

Offering free consultations where you can explain your story to us, we will be able to guide you in what steps you should take next.

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