Separation Agreements

Separation in Ontario

Things are just not working out between you and your spouse. You have both decided that separating would be the best course of action at this point in your lives now. If you are thinking of divorce/separation as your ultimate decision, a separation would be needed for at least one year between a couple before the courts will grant you a final divorce. In some circumstances, the courts will give a couple a divorce immediately, but if you do not meet any of those circumstances, a separation will need to last one full year.

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Separation Agreements

Hopefully, you and your spouse can agree on the terms of your separation. There are many factors to decide on, such as:

  • children visitation rights
  • assets
  • who lives in the primary household if one spouse is moving out?
  • finances
  • length of separation

If you both agree on things, you can both see a lawyer to draft up a separation agreement contract that you both would sign. This separation agreement is a legally binding contract in the family court.

Separation While Living Together Under the Same Roof

Can we live together while we are separated? This is a commonly asked question among couples that have decided on a separation. The answer is yes. You can live in the same residence as each other during a separation.

There will be questions the courts will look at to determine whether or not the couple is separated while living under the same roof to make the separation legal.

Factors such as:

  • Does the couple have sexual relations together?
  • Attend functions as a couple
  • Do they discuss each other’s schedules and daily actives with one another?
  • Share a bedroom
  • Plan trips or outings with one another

It is not an uncommon practice to get a separation while living together. Many couples decide on taking this route due to it being very beneficial for both parties.

  • Childcare
  • Housing needs
  • Finances

All make things very difficult for a couple to pack up and move out as the person leaving can make things difficult for the person staying to look after the current household bills and children if financial agreements are not in place.

We highly advise you to speak to a Family Lawyer on Separation Agreements as your lawyer has the experience to foresee factors you may not be thinking about at this point in your life.

How Much Does A Separation Agreement Cost?

If having a Family Lawyer draft up a separation agreement for you, their fees will range depending on the length and complexity of your separation. For example, if no children are involved, it lessens the work done by the Separation Lawyer, therefore keeps the fees lower. If you are looking for an exact cost, call Legal Solutions Law Firm in Toronto, Ontario, for a free no-obligation consultation on your separation.

The phone number for a Family Lawyer for separation is 416-320-2020.

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